Maraba Worship Team

Last Sunday the team prayed over Max, asking God to anoint him to be the new worship leader. Chelsea has been a great help, taking over the leadership from Annika. Now the team is passing the leadership baton once again, this time to Max. The worship team here in Marabá have all come to the Lord, learned to worship and learned to play instruments in this church. Homegrown.   With God’s grace they are overcoming many hurdles such as anger, insecurity, inner wounds, unhealthy ways to resolve conflict and pride. The Lord anoints them to lead His body into His presence with worship. They thank you, if you have said any prayers on their behalf.

First Day in School

We move to Brazil with a one year old baby.

Yesterday was her first day of University in Canada.

We had three more daughters in Brazil.

Yesterday was their first day of Private School in Canada. Thanks for the scholarships.

Yesterday I left for Brazil alone. The moving sidewalks in the airports just aren’t as fun by myself.

Whoever would have imagined this day?


Fajitas with Phil and Jen

Phil and Jen are planning to move to Brazil in January as full time missionaries! My flight to Brazil included a layover in Toronto so they cleared their evening and drove up. I am looking forward to our next meeting, in Brazil, in January, if all goes as we hope and plan. (Lord willing).