King David’s View of God

2 Samuel 22:7-11, 17, 20.
I called on the Lord in my distress.
        I called to my God for help.
            He heard my voice from his temple,
                and my cry for help reached his ears.
 Then the earth shook and quaked.
        Even the foundations of the heavens trembled.
            They shook violently because he was angry.
 Smoke went up from his nostrils,
        and a raging fire came out of his mouth.
            Glowing coals flared up from it.
 He spread apart the heavens
        and came down with a dark cloud under his feet.
 He rode on one of the angels as he flew,
        and he soared on the wings of the wind.
 He reached down from high above and took hold of me.
     He pulled me out of the raging water.
 He brought me out to a wide-open place.
         He rescued me because he was pleased with me.
GOD’S WORD Translation 

I took this photo of a trillium during our hike above Chilliwack Lake.

From Sarcasm to Humility

Here are three lessons I learned this week:
1. “Sarcasm is always rooted in anger, and often cloaked with humor.”
Justice Institue of BC, during a course called Dealing With Anger.
2. “Contempt and anger are at the root of all social problems.” Dallas
Willard during a course on Leadership and Spirituality at Regent
3. The Rabbi’s in Jesus day thought only God could work on the Sabbath.
They taught that God holds the whole universe together, and sustains
all life. This is what made them so furious when Jesus healed on the
Sabbath. Jesus told them He and God could work on the Sabbath, making
Himself equal to God. NET Bible in the Study Notes on John 5:1-18.
I found it refreshing to think about this all week, how God is always
working. He keeps it all going. Everything. The ducklings know how to
get food as soon as they are born. The plants know how to look for
light, once the weather is warm enough for them to come out of the
earth. Certain trees know when to produce blossoms that will turn into
fruit. The earth spins around the sun in perfect timing to give us four
seasons. God keeps it all going!
Thinking of God always working and allowing us to live and work with
Him can help us move away from any hint of sarcasm or contempt, and
move closer to joy, love and humility.
May God increase your capacity to enjoy the rest of today and this week
until your heart feels like it is bursting with gratitude to Him.
Rick Bergen.

Emma Turns 16!

Deanna arrived at the airport in Santarem, ready to move to Altamira. She had a two year old and a four year old clinging to her legs. She was so pregnant the airport authorities did not want to let her fly. She talked her way on. Emma was born in Altamira, in the midst of a huge time of transition in our lives as we moved on from PAZ mission to who we are today. From the day she was born Emma has always been a source of great joy to our family. 
Thank you Emma, and thank you Heavenly Father.