We stayed in Belem on our way home to Marabá. Here are some photos taken during breakfast. I met some friends at the airport, Micheal Hansen and Dale Hoppe, on their way home after an outreach trip to the Xingu Regions. 

JIBC Summary

The Justice Institute has developed a really cool way to teach new skills.
First – They identify what people want to learn to do better.
Second – They talk about the Gap, the space between what the students already know and what they want to learn.
Third – Through talking, directed group discussions and role playing exercises they close the Gap.
Fourth – They solicit honest feedback each day, and after the course. “What worked?” “What did not?” “Please be honest. It’s the only way we can improve.”
The whole experience was engaging, exhausting, and worthwhile. Of course, now I know some theory, and a bit of how this can work. Now I get to see how much of this I can integrate this into real life. To get a Certificate in Mediation I still need to do an Assessment. After I study awhile more I can video the monitored assessment and mail it in from Brazil where it will be reviewed somewhere off the JIBC site.

Olivia’s Grad 12 Ceremony

I am am so proud of you Olivia for being such a good learner.

We are proud of you, Deanna, for being a good teacher, mom, coach and encourager.

We are proud of you, Anni, Emma and Bella, for being always being there, best friends, encouraging coaches, classmates and support team.

I cannot possibly name all of our friends and family who have helped make this possible. I remember the year Midge Shaw brought heavy tubs of home school material when she came from Oregon with a team. I remember another year when Dad and Mom gave us money which we used to build school desks. I remember home school teachers from BC School District 75 driving extra miles and hours helping us get curriculum. City Life Church made it possible for our girls to attend Highroad Academy for this past year. We did not know at the time what a valuable gift this would prove to be!

And now Olivia is our second daughter to pass the Grade 12 milestone… and with A honors!

Way to go Olivia!

Thank you everyone for helping.