Soccer and Supper

Soccer and supper are the language of love to many young people.

Here is Ivanildo coaching soccer on Saturday afternoon, and a group of helpers who never got a hotdog at the Children’s Day event getting a special invite for soup and bread after church last Sunday.

Soccer and Supper 1

Ivanildo coaches soccer. Saturday afternoon, October 19, 2013.

Soccer and Supper 2

Aline and Bella sit on an old table with some other youth, watching the soccer game.

Soccer and Supper 3

Iran is one of the men who looks after our neighborhood. He is there to help in times of crisis, and I have seen him digging more than one burial plot. He is very pastoral. He also was one of the main bricklayers for the house we built. He also has over 50 brothers and sisters.

Soccer and Supper 4

Jobel is one of Iran’s sons.

Soccer and Supper 5

Everyone loves it when Ivanildo coaches soccer. He is a very respected, nice person.

Soccer and Supper 6

The helpers who did not get a hotdog at the Children’s Event came over for soup and bread after church last Sunday. Thais, right beside Emma, is five months pregnant.

Soccer and Supper 7

Emma, Bella, and Bruna.

Soccer and Supper 8

Deanna and Izak.

Soccer and Supper 9

Ivanildo digs into the chicken that was barbequed with Deanna’s Special Sauce.

Soccer and Supper 10

Eliel scoops out a big portion of delicious black beans.

Soccer and Supper 11

Church leadership couples have lunch together, including Ivanildo and Monica, Eliel and Aline, Paula and Izak.

Kita and Stefani

Kita, who is 23 years old, just had her 5th baby! After four boys, she now has Stefani. Weberson, her husband, works long hours, and helps with the soccer school in his free time.

Quita and Stefani 5

A girl, after having 4 boys.

Quita and Stefani 6

Family pic, except for Weberson, the dad and husband.

Quita and Stefani 7

Weberson and baby Stefani.

Quita and Stefani 3

Quita is 23 years old, and thrilled to have a daughter.

Kita and Stefani 1

2 days old

Quita and Stefani 2

Grandma is doing needlework in the background.

Quita and Stefani 4

Kita and Stefani.

The Children of our Neighbourhood

We celebrated children this week, along with the rest of Brazil. October 12 is a national holiday here, called Children’s Day.

The children are the most accepting when we move into a new neighbourhood. After a few years the mothers start coming. And then the dads.

Children's Day 1

Musical Chairs

Children's Day 2

The Puppeteers.

Children's Day 13

Adriana seemed exceptionally happy at this event. She has gone through a lot in the last couple of years.

Children's Day 12

Games, Bible Story, Food, Lot’s of Love

Children's Day 11

The puppets tell their stories.

Children's Day 10

About 120 children to feed a sandwich and a drink.

Children's Day 9

About 120 children and about 20 moms each got a sandwich and a drink. The 20 helpers did not. We estimated we would need 80 sandwiches. Then we bought bread for another 40. We were still about 20 short. So…good turnout.

Children's Day 8

Emma watched over the slackline challenge.

Children's Day 7

The soccer ball skills game.

Children's Day 6

The Race Through the Tires game.

Children's Day 5

Some of the Moms and Young Girls.Children's Day 4

Children’s Songs.
Children's Day 3

Everyone loves the puppets!

How to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Mark 4 –

Jesus teaches us that our words and our actions make huge difference in other people’s lives. We all have stories and perspectives that will help those around us.

  1. Verses 1-20 Our words and actions are seeds.
  2. Verses 21-25 If we give away what we have, we will get more. If we do not, we lose everything.
  3. Verses 26-29 It takes time to produce good fruit. We wait expectantly, with patience and faith.
  4. Verses 30-34 Our words and actions will produce a harvest much bigger than we expect.
  5. Verses 35-41 Jesus even uses His words and actions with wind and waves.

mark 426

Mark 4:26-29
mark 430

Mark 4:30-34 Our words have great power in them.

mark 435

Mark 4:35-41 Jesus talks to the wind and to the waves.

Off to church…

off to church 1

A family in the islands on the Xingu River is on their way to a church meeting. (Painting by Rick Bergen, 2013).

Last summer we were out with some friends doing a special church service among the islands of the Xingu River. As we wait by the church in the mission boat, many small boats carrying families and individuals, just like this one in my painting, arrive for the meeting. They sometimes use umbrellas as shade from the tropical sun. Naldo, who oversees these churches, comes from a violent background involving drugs, knives, and guns. Many people among these islands are now giving their lives to Jesus because of Naldo’s message and testimony, and because of the church he pastors. Naldo himself is helped along by other pastors, friends, and missionaries, who in turn are encouraged and helped by support teams. The Holy Spirit is using us as a team to make an important and eternal difference in people’s lives. How cool is that?