The Chacara

The kids love the chacara (church property) even more when it is fruit season. But some of them are kind of untrained. This week when some of our leadership was travelling, we were less able to keep a close eye on their activities. They ended up moving a hose out of our view, playing with water for hours, and left the water running overnight, which eventually burnt out the water pump. Then they got into our old car, which we are trying to sell. They found some powder graphite and sprayed it all over inside and outside of the car, making a terrible mess. If we can keep loving them, having patience, keeping the big picture, who knows the plans God has for these kids? And when you hear their stories, it really helps.

Thais, who is up in a choke-cherry tree, is one of the girl’s good friends. She has a cute little baby, Melany.

The children bring bags so they can take home the fruit on our trees.


Bella is 16!

Bella is 16!

Bella turned 16 years old today! We made mango pie and vanilla ice cream, to celebrate.

First Birthday Celebration Without Mom, (but we celebrated together throughout the day via Skype).

Emma and Bella collected two buckets of Bacuri Mangoes.

Bella tested two mango recipes, and they are both good.

Birthday Breakfast.

Permanence and Change

Bella got her inspiration one day this week from The Screwtape Letters, a book by C. S. Lewis, and from the pumpkin pie that she cooked up (her first).God gave his church seasonal rhythms, so that our celebrations (and our lives) can always have change, and they can always be the same, all at once! How cool is that?We celebrated a Canadian October tradition in Brazil, and it was delicious. I wish you could have been here.

Have a great week.


Bella and Rick.

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