Christmas Craft

The girls started out thinking they would paint a snowman on a popsicle stick, but the project grew to where everyone could make their own manger scene.

Christmas Craft9

Emma the Teacher

Christmas Craft8

Emma and Bella created a manger scene craft.

Christmas Craft7

Bella the Teacher.

Christmas Craft6

Could you show me how to do this one part again?

Christmas Craft5

Quiet Concentration

Christmas Craft4

Now you carefully paint the stick.

Christmas Craft3

Fun with friends.

Christmas Craft2

We are ready for you to come and visit us.

Christmas Craft1

Snack Time.

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One thought on “Christmas Craft

  1. What an interesting craft, so creative, I just love the popsicle nativity scene.

    and the snack time looks like it was “enjoyed by all”
    I think Girls’ Clubs are The Best Thing