National Day of the Bible

Brazil has a National Day of the Bible. Our youth took the opportunity to spend the day eating together and getting ready for a Bible Character Dress-up night at Church.

Day of the Bible21

Emma and her good friend Thaís. Thaís is about 5 months pregnant.

Day of the Bible20

The young people in the church dress up as Bible characters. Emma and Bella were the main costume finders.

Day of the Bible19

The young people stand at the back of the church so they can dance during the worship part of the service.

Day of the Bible18

This is Ivanildo’s wife, Monica, and their daughter, Bruna.


Day of the Bible8

Day of the Bible7 Day of the Bible6 Day of the Bible5 Day of the Bible4 Day of the Bible3 Day of the Bible2 Day of the Bible1Day of the Bible17 Douglas can really play the guitar! I hope he makes it through to adulthood serving God. God has big plans for him.

Day of the Bible16

The boys at the back of the church.

Day of the Bible15

Aline is in Grade 11.

Day of the Bible13

The worship team dresses up as Bible characters.

Day of the Bible11

We’ve got Ruth, and Esther, and the Bride of Christ, among many other great characters.

Day of the Bible10

Another Aline. All these Aline’s have very sweet spirits. The Sunday School kids love them. They all radiate love for God. They are such nice girls, all of them. May God bless them with ALL that He has planned for them.

Day of the Bible9

This is Aline who married Eliel. They are the Youth Group leaders.

Day of the Bible8


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2 thoughts on “National Day of the Bible

  1. very interesting photos and beautiful. did some of your photos not come thru? the last few?
    and are the blue books bibles you are giving away?

    Altogether , a great blog.

  2. A blessed Christmas to you and a joyous New Year!! It must have been great to have your daughters back home again! It looks like you had great family time at the beach.
    To have such an enthusiastic
    group of new believers join in the Christmas celebrations, must be very rewarding.