Ghibeau looked at us while we were talking about Disciple Making Movements, and Discovery Groups. He was sharing some of his story, and what attracted him to this peer-learning group. “I want to make my life count. I am not fooling around. I want to get the most results possible for these years I have here on earth.” 

Disciplines help us give this life our best shot.

Here are three of my favorite disciplines.

  • go to bed early so that I can get up early. In my life the late evenings are more for relaxing, reading a book, watching a movie, checking out. I do not think of doing these activities in the early mornings, not even on my day off. Mornings are for my personal devotions, exercise, and getting things done.
  • I make healthy choices with eating and exercise to increase my chances of more energy, clearer thinking, and to live the most abundant life possible.
  • read the Bible cover-to-cover every year. We are always at different places in our journey towards heaven so to me it makes sense to keep reading the whole Word of God, to help me stay away from the slippery slopes, and to learn how to use spiritual weapons.

Discipline is like a car. It will get us where we want to go.

What are your three favorite disciplines at this stage in your journey?

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