Bella’s 15th Birthday Party

Bella turns 15 years old today. Here are some photos from her party last night.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 11

Bella is the Princess of the Day! Our youngest daughter turns 15 today. Here in Brazil 15 is a Big Birthday. Often those who can celebrate with extravagant celebrations that appear very similar to a wedding party as far as decorating, gifts, and guests. Bella wanted a small party, with a few friends. And the girls had a very nice evening last night. Tomato soup and home made bread sticks. Tea and sandwiches. A movie called The Croods. Topped off with a chocolate fountain! It was a first for everyone, I think, and everything went very well. Thank you Heavenly Father, for Bella, and for the nice evening.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 10

Emma, Luana, Aline, Carol, Karin, Bruna, and Bella

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 9

Celebrating Bella!

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 8

Thaís, Barbara, and Anna came just a little later.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 7

Eliel came to pick up Aline just as the chocolate fountain got started.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 6

Fruit shishkabobs. Deanna found some strawberries, kiwi fruit, and grapes. The pineapples were small, but they were 7 for R$10, about $5 Canadian.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 5

A chocolate fountain!

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 4

The tester.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 3

A very small birthday cake.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 2

Fancy sandwiches with fancy toothpicks.

Bella's 15th Birthday Party 1

Delicious sandwiches, to go with the tomato soup and breadsticks.

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4 thoughts on “Bella’s 15th Birthday Party

  1. the tiered plate is beautiful, the fountain looks scrumptious, the plant on the table , Via said it was last year’s gift(?) I saw the rose plant she got this year, so beautiful.

    Emm’a dress and Bella’s dress , both pretty. all the girls look beautiful. Love Mom