Stay in People’s Homes

And invite people to stay in your home when they are in town.

We met Edilson and Maria at the InterVinha Event in Altamira a month ago. After prayer we accepted their invitation to come teach their very young church about Discovery Groups.

We hardly knew Edilson and Maria. I only remember one brief conversation as we were waiting in line together to wash our dishes at the InterVinha Conference. By the time we had stayed in their home Thursday – Monday we felt like long-time friends. They let us stay in their master bedroom with the new bed, the only air conditioner and the only bathroom in the house. They stayed in a smaller bedroom with no windows and used the neighbor’s (their son and daughter-in-law’s) bathroom. Manaus is sweltering hot and humid at this time of year. In the afternoon, even in the air-conditioned bedroom I sit on the floor dripping with sweat as I work on my computer.

This culture feels closer to the Bible culture in Jesus’ time.

“When you enter a house . . . stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house” (Luke 10:5-7).

This is one thing I really love about the missionary life. Even though I am way more in my comfort zone staying in hotels, as we stay in people’s homes we can quickly move from strangers to lifelong friends.

Eggs, coffee, and tapioca pancakes for breakfast.

Açai and tapioca is always a special treat. My mouth starts watering just looking at this photo.

In this home I was surprised to see these worn Bibles, and other Christian books, alongside of a big flat screen tv. Maybe that is because I have read a digital Bible for years now. It is easy to see that these people love God, His Word, and His work. They are also very tired and worn out.

David Watson, who started Discovery Groups in India, said it is very important to stay in people’s homes, and to have People of Peace stay in your home. The way we live and react to the things that happen in life are more caught than taught. For example, as people see how I treat Deanna when I am hungry or impatient, they learn how Christians treat their wives when they are hungry or impatient.

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